Custom staircases for residential, commercial, and remodeling

Your Maryland Stairway Experts

Choice Stairways, Inc. is a cutting-edge stair and rail manufacture. Located in Southern Maryland, Choice Stairways serves all of Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Southern New Jersey.

Excelling in all types of stairs and balustrades, Choice Stairways has the experience, technology, and artisans to manufacture circular staircases, curved staircases, spiral staircases, and straight staircases along with complimentary balustrades for residential, commercial, and remodeling projects.

The sales team and stair designers at Choice Stairways work in conjunction with architects, builders, homeowners, and interior decorators. The sales team is sagacious in design styles, knowledgeable of building codes, and reverent to the customers’ budget. As a result, the stairs and rails manufactured at Choice Stairways surpass the customers’ vision and expectations.

Residential Stairways

For over 37 years Choice Stairways has been designing and manufacturing residential stairs. Experienced in working with homebuilders and their teams, contractors, architects, and homeowners Choice Stairways has the ability to build exactly to the specified architectural drawing.

Retrofitting designs can be implemented into our stair and rail systems to enable you to obtain your vision no matter what the space limitations are. Having a wide variety of products, styles, and finishes makes it easier to select components to match style and budget. However, it is not done alone. Our hands-on design team will guide you through the selection process, providing their design suggestions, product samples, and technical drawings.

Commercial Stairways

Choice Stairways has over 23 years of experience crafting stairs for
the commercial construction market. In conjunction with structural designs, only the highest quality materials are used when crafting commercial stairs. This ensures the end product will withstand the foot traffic a commercial stair is exposed.

The team of expert staff at Choice Stairways will be of assistance every step of the project. From on-site designing to fast installation, the diverse skills found within the company enables Choice Stairways to fabricate a stairway that reflects building codes and cost-effective solutions without sacrificing design elements.