Where Can I Install Tile?

We'll answer this burning question below!

Tile is a versatile design material, well suited to many areas of the home. While tile is commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms, it can be installed in other areas including laundry, basement, and even outside living areas.

When installing tile flooring, pay close attention to the tile being installed as different techniques must be used to lay tile. Ceramics, especially porcelain, are often more durable than stone, especially when glazed. You can’t drop them on each other as many will break or shatter before the floor is even installed. Using a natural stone, such as a porous rock like limestone, doesn’t work well in bathrooms or kitchens applications where liquid spills are common. However, a glazed tile or a waterproof LVT (luxury vinyl tile) option in either location would work well.

Tile can also be applied to outdoor areas and open-air environments. If you plan to use it in a slippery location, avoid porous materials and slippery surfaces. In addition, there are other treatments available to apply to some tiles to prevent slips.

Finally, don’t forget that tile can be used decoratively in other areas of the home. Popular locations for tile include walls and backsplashes to highlight aspects of your design. A glass tile is very popular as it helps accents the other tiles being used. Learn more about the versatility of tile as a flooring and design material when you chat with the experts here at Choice Floor Center, either in-store, by phone, or contact us online. We’re here to help – so come and visit today.