What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring

How can LVT be used?

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is a vinyl product designed to mimic the look and texture of stone or ceramic tile. Featuring gorgeous natural colors and textures, these tiles look and feel like the “real thing” while offering additional qualities not found in the original. And some designs by Shaw Floors are even made to be installed using real grout.

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is a similar vinyl product but in plank form. The difference is the plank allows the luxury vinyl to mimic hardwood or ceramic planks. They come in a variety of styles that vary from hand-scraped wood to long tile sections complete with the embossing and texture of each. The size and form allow them to be installed uniformly, staggered, or even diagonally for a fully customized look of a home or office.

Another version of vinyl flooring is the classic sheet vinyl. This style is a cushioned flooring that can be glued to the subfloor or floated and is ideal for high-traffic or high-moisture areas of a home. Shaw Floors sheet vinyl designs available here at Choice Floors are just as beautiful and sophisticated as LVT or LVP but installed in one piece. The cost-benefit of sheet vinyl over the alternatives puts the product in the hands of most consumers who are looking for the same level of realism of hardwood and natural stone.