What is Resilient Flooring?

The resilient flooring choice.

While resilient flooring is sometimes used interchangeably with luxury vinyl flooring, the two are not the same. Resilient shares common features but it specifically refers to its ability to bounce back into its original shape after being compressed.

Resilient flooring can be defined as floors with give, or which bounce back. They occupy the middle ground between rigid, hard surface floors and soft surfaces such as carpet. Vinyl is one example, but this category also includes cork, rubber, and linoleum. Resilient flooring is typically very durable, flexible, and relatively inexpensive when compared to natural materials.

Luxury vinyl is a type of resilient flooring engineered to resist some of the broader category’s downfalls; particularly, it will not dent as easily as other resilient products. While it may be less “resilient”, luxury vinyl tile and planks are oftentimes just as durable and stable and resistant to moisture and climate.

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