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Distressed hardwood style

Today’s styles feature authentic, worn and rustic looks. This is achieved today through additional treatments to the flooring during manufacturing to give a floor its unique look and feel. For example, a popular style is the distressed wood look. Manufacturers put their floors through various processes to give them the look of antique or reclaimed wood, hand-scraped like older floors and other process to give them a much sought-after style that wouldn’t be achieved if done by hand.

Distressed look | Choice Floor Center, Inc.

Distressed Look

Hardscraped look | Choice Floor Center, Inc.

Handscraped Look

Distressed hardwood styles solve both of those problems by making the antique look more accessible. Options include levels of customization from your choice of color, species and durability to give you the look and feel you want right out of the box.

Looking for a rustic look? Hand-scraped and wire-brushed are both examples of distressed styles that fit in with farmhouse, rustic or country-inspired homes. Ask the experts at Choice Floor Center for more info about the differences.