Carpet Types

What types are best for you?

As you decide what carpet is best in your room, you must choose which pile height is best.

Cut Pile is a special type of strand that features a sheared strand. This is the part at the end of the strand where the fiber’s ends are exposed. It’s the most popular type of carpet and comes in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. When selecting a cut pile, be sure to look at the twist, the part where several strands are twisted together to form the final strand. Usually the tighter and heavier the twist, the more resilient and durable the face of matting and crushing will be including texture. Frieze is a style of cut pile that gives the carpet a luxurious feel along with a style that’s less formal.

Low pile height carpet | Choice Floor Center, Inc.


Med pile height carpet | Choice Floor Center, Inc.


High pile height carpet | Choice Floor Center, Inc.


Loop Pile, in contrast, refers to carpet that’s created in a more continuous strand. The loop pile can be found used in a similar pattern or contain a textured finish made using loops of various heights. This gives the construction the ability to have a pattern added or texture to the carpet. The random or sequenced loop design creates textures or patterns throughout the flooring and gives the carpet itself extra durability. Tighter, more heavily twisted loops are used for optimal resistance to crushing. While the looped pile created multiple option for appearance and durability, they are also more prone to pulled loops which can lead to runs in the carpet.

There is also a combination called a Cut & Loop Pile, which provides sculptured effects such as squares or swirls in the carpet surface that when combined produce additional patterns. While these three distinct types vary in appearance and comfort, they often come down to the owner’s preference to style.