Carpet Features & Benefits

What styles are best for you?

Carpet Features & Benefits

Many of the carpet styles we have available at Choice Floors come with built-in features that you may not expect from carpeting.

Improved indoor air quality

Carpet is one of the most hypoallergenic solutions for your home, trapping allergens and preventing them from escaping into the air. Unlike a hard surface that exposes dust and dander to the room’s occupant, the carpet helps trap those allergens more easily. A regularly cleaned carpet is an ideal tool for improving indoor air quality. Newer vacuum cleaners are built with deep suction to fully remove the dust, dirt, and allergens.

Stain resistance

Many Shaw nylon and polyester carpets that we carry feature the R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System, repelling liquids, and other materials. While other “resistance systems” for carpet do exist, R2X is different because it covers the entirety of each carpet fiber – not simply the surface. An additional Shaw innovation is LifeGuard spill-proof backing, which adds to the spill-proof nature of these carpets!

Carpet Padding

Choosing the right carpet padding is just as important as selecting your carpet! A fuller pad will also prolong the life of the carpet and should be considered when selecting a carpet.

While carpet padding is not a necessity. It is, however, an important investment to help protect your carpet and extend its lifespan. An unseen addition installed beneath your carpet, padding serves to add extra cushion to your floors while minimizing noise and maximizing insulation. It’s the backing to your carpet a person often notices when there isn’t adequate carpet padding underneath.

Carpet padding options from Shaw range in cushioning, comfort, and protection. One of our flooring specialists will help you find the right balance of features for your budget.